Krosor 20-800

20 cubic meter water tank

800 HP / 590 Kw Combined power

8X8 makes it maneuverable almost everywhere

Redundancy system keeps Kresor always on and ready to drive

Engine 2X 400 HP Diesel
Transmission Hybrid-Hydraulic
Traction 8X8
Driving cabFire proof
Standard equipment 
Fully equipped driver’s cab – HVAC, ROPS
NSCU – Negevsol Control Unit
All functions on one unit
Vehicle functions display
Cameras display
Gauges display
1 joystick for driving
Active Suspension
Redundancy system
Modes of operation: Fuel saver, Tires saver, Full Performance, Xtreme
Semi autonomous drive
Electric Drive
Self water loading
Trailer Towing accessories – Air, electricity connectors. Trailer hook type – on customer choice
360 degrees cameras view
3D view
Various types of water/foam pumps
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