ABIR K16-900

THE 1st autonomous truck for wildfires and oil and gas disasters

At a Glance:

  • 16 cubic meter / 4,227 US Gallon water tank
  • Twin Diesel Engines
  • 450 PS each
  • 900 PS Combined power
  • Engines Power combiner launches the 2nd engine when needed
  • Cruise Mode – 1 Engine
  • Mission Mode – 2 Engines works together
  • 8X8 drive
Engines 2X 450 HP Diesel
Transmission Hybrid-Hydraulic
CabFire proof, Rugged, 6 seater
Standard equipment 
* Cab – six persons.
Rugged, strong, comfortable, flat floor.
Seating arrangement: 3 seats at the front row, driver in the middle, captain at left. water canon operator at right. Rear: drone operator at the middle, 2 seats beside him.
Fire Apparatus
* Water canon: 100 Meter range
* Pump: 10,000 liter / minute
* Monitor: variable angels, control by – onboard joystick / Remote / Autonomous
NSCU – Negevsol Control Unit
All functions on one unit:
* Vehicle functions display
* Cameras display
* Gauges display
Active Suspension
Redundancy system
On board drone
Driving modes:
1. Manual, as usual, by driver
2. Remote control.
3. Autonomous.
Power modes:
1. Fuel saver.
2. Tires saver.
3. Full Performance
4. Xtreme
Self water loading system
360 degrees cameras view
3D view
On board flight station for the drone
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ABIR K16-900