Hermon 720

Extreme performance heavy duty Platform

Up to 18,000 liter of water as fire engine

8X8 makes it maneuverable almost everywhere

Redundancy system keeps Hermon always on and ready to drive

Engine 2X 350 HP Diesel
Transmission Hybrid-Hydraulic
Traction 8X8
Driving cab2 units  
Standard equipment 
Fully equipped driver cab- HVAC, ROPS
NSCU – Negevsol Control Unit –
All functions on one unit: vehicle functions display, cameras display, GPS, gauges display, operating joystick, all in one unit
Active Suspension
Redundancy system
Modes of operation: Fuel saver, Tires saver, Full performance, Xtreme
Semi autonomous drive
Twist locks for standard container
Amphibious kit
Trailer Towing accessories – Air, electricity connectors. Trailer hook type – on customer choice
All around cameras -360 degrees view
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