Krosor 16-900

16 cubic meter / 4,227 US Gallon water tank.


  • Two Engines
  • 450 PS each
  • 900 PS Combined power
  • Engines have Power combiner that launch the 2nd engine when needed
  • Cruise Mode – 1 Engine
  • Mission Mode – 2 Engines works together
  • 8X8 Traction makes it go where other got stuck
Engine 2X 450 HP Diesel
Transmission Hybrid-Hydraulic
Traction 8X8
CabFire proof, Rugged, 6 seater
Standard equipment 
Cab- very rugged, strong, comfortable, flat floor.
Seating arrangement: 3 at the front. 3 rear.
NSCU – Negevsol Control Unit
All functions on one unit:
* Vehicle functions display
* Cameras display
* Gauges display
1 joystick / Semi ‘steer wheel’ for driving
Active Suspension
Redundancy system
On board drone
Driving modes:
1. Manual, as usual by driver
2. Remote control.
3. Autonomous.
Power modes:
1. Fuel saver.
2. Tires saver.
3. Full Performance
4. Xtreme
Electric Drive
Self water loading
360 degrees cameras view
3D view
On board flight station for the drone
Various types of water and or foam pumps
MORE>>> please contact to know more options..