RailCar Pro

Improving  Freight Train performance

Derailments preventing

What we prevent

How we do it

Rail level – POD88

Rugged box with:

* ID

* GSM / GSM-R / Satellite transceivers 

* Sensors

* On board power supply – no need for external power

POD 88 collects data and send / receives commands to or from list of users such as:


* Train Crew

* Freight agents and Forwarders

* Freight Terminals operators 

* Shunting teams

Predictive maintenance 

  • Checking erratic vibrations of railcars
  • Railcar behavior above predefined threshold is picked
  • Wheel shelling real time analysis 

Track  monitoring 

  • Constant  rail status check up and live monitoring
  • Measuring Ride Quality, Corrugation and more…
  • Data picked by POD88 and transmitted via  GSM/ Satellite / GSM-R  to DATACENTER and users list

POD 88 mounting options