Esslingen DB Class V 60



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[/span6][/columns]Locomotive Model: Esslingen, a DB class V60

Build Year:  1955

Made in: Germany

Engine:   Maybach MD325

 Type: 6-I, water cooled

Displacement: 32 liter

Output: 650 HP

Transmission: Voith L37 yUb

Weight: 54 Tons

Towing capacity: 800 tons


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Esslingen #212 in Israel Railways Museum

Esslingen #212 in Israel Railways Museum



Side View



Rotating the engine with 1 meter long Plumber wrench + extension. Yes, the engine is moving!!



Checking  the right side of the Maybach  MD325 Engine. water pump and main water hose are missing.





Rear Compartment review : manual fuel pump, three way fuel valve, 2 compressors and belts, alternator in place,  the Voith transmission is missing… this tranny suffered from constant breakdowns, basically it was the reversing mechanism that broke down.




View of the transmission compartment,  gearbox missing of course. the picture had been taken  from rear side of the locomotive to the front –  the operator cabin. the power divider shaft and it;s cogs are in place.





Another Maybach  MD325 engine on a stand at the Museum, it can be a source for parts. note the huge horizontal turbocharger.